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I was raised on Vancouver Island in a log house surrounded by nature, at night the logs of the cabin creaked and moaned as they settled in for the night. The sounds of the forest seeped in through the windows and the rain often beat down on the shingle roof. My time was spend exploring the nearby areas, the rivers, the hills and woods.

Long after my childhood had passed I found myself a resident of many of the biggest cities in the world, Toronto, NYC and LA to name a few. I had hit a wall and needed out, and that was when I connected with Drew, who was to become a very close friend, and his VW Delilah. We drove off deep into Baja on a surf adventure and I was hooked.

That was a few years ago now and lots has happened. I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary of breaking my back on a surf trip in California (more to come on that one in an up coming blog post). I have relocated to Victoria, BC as a home base. I bought my own VW, Francine, and built out the inside into a cute little home (also, more to come on that). I've also spent many days and nights on the road meeting people and filling my life with adventure and new experiences.

I'm finally getting around to building this site, The Mackenzie Life, as a platform to share my many stories and adventures with you in hopes of inspiring you to open up to life, to get out, to live it.

I sincerely hope you enjoy,

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